Pulwama attack WhatsApp status Video

Pulwama attack WhatsApp status Video, Status, Images (Updated)

In this post, I am going to discuss Some best Pulwama attack WhatsApp status videos, quotes for you. If you want to download the best quality Pulwama attacks WhatsApp status Hindi as well.

The Pulwama attack killed at least 40 CRPF soldiers. The Pulwama attack has shaken up the nation and there is an outpouring of grief on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

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However, what is interesting to note is that there are no updates or messages about the Pulwama WhatsApp status update section which usually has thousands of posts by now.

Pulwama attack date

A suicide bomber carried out a devastating attack on February 14, 2019. The 40+ CRPF personnel were killed in Pulwama and it is now feared that another attempt might be made to target an Indian defence installation or refinery with nuclear facilities nearby.

As you draw near to the 14th of February, it is time for Pulwama Shahid Diwas. Here are some of our best WhatsApp status videos to celebrate this holiday with all your friends! 

Pulwama shahid day celebrates the bravery and sacrifice that every martyr goes through both physically as well mentally before they die so we can live in peace free from fear or violence against anyone else’s human rights because if not then who knows what would have happened next?

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What kind give up everything including life itself just so others may be safe which speaks volumes about how much love these people must carry within themselves every day knowing their fate could very likely be dead yet they still went out there every day to work hard towards fighting terrorism. Pulwama attacks WhatsApp status.

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Pulwama attack Hindi WhatsApp status Videos

There is nothing more heart-wrenching than to read about the loss of someone close. This week, our thoughts are with those families affected by this tragedy in Pulwama and we hope they will soon begin recovering from their losses.

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So, for you, I selected the best Pulwama WhatsApp status Hindi that you can easily watch and download on your phone. We love the language Hindi So, we mentioned Some Hindi Pulwama attack status with videos. So, just watch all videos below and download your favourite rip Pulwama attack WhatsApp status.

Black day Pulwama attack WhatsApp status

On the evening of Friday, February 14th a suicide bombing occurred in Pulwama which killed 40 people. This video shows you what happened when this attack took place:

The bloodstains on dead bodies; worried family members looking for their loved ones’ bodies among rubble; children crying as they find survivors trapped underneath fallen walls–all these images continue to play before our eyes even now as we write about them here today.

Pulwama attack WhatsApp status images

The Pulwama attacks have had an extreme impact on the people of both India and Pakistan. There are many ways to cope with this tragedy, including sending messages through WhatsApp status images!

The news has been all over social media that time because it happened just last week, but if you want some perspective or details about what really went down on that fateful day then read below: 

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside government buildings housing the local police station and army battalion HQ in Pulwama, Kashmir killing 40 Indian soldiers.

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Also, you will find Pulwama attack WhatsApp status share chat.

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The February 14th Pulwama attack has been one of the worst in recent history, but you can watch this video to get an idea of how it all went down.

Pulwama attack revenge

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India will strike back at Pakistan for its involvement in the Pulwama attack on 14 February 2019.

Indian Air Force conducted an airstrike against Jaish e-Mohammed hideout killing over 100 militants and civilians alike; claiming it was a nonmilitary “preemptive” operation targeting those responsible for terrorist acts on Indian soil (Modi).

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14 Feb Pulwama attack

No doubt the day 14th February we celebrated as Valentine’s day but after the Pulwama attack, people never celebrated it. The day is known as Black Day for India or you can say Pulwama Sahid Diwas.

Here you will find some Pulwama attack WhatsApp status HD images also.

Pulwama attack WhatsApp status video download.

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Pulwama attack soldiers list (Taken from financialexpress.com)

Here is the complete list of the martyred CRPF jawans:

Head Constable Naseer Ahmad (Jammu and Kashmir)

Constable Sukhjinder Singh (Punjab)

Head Constable Jaimal Singh (Punjab)

Constable Rohitash Lamba (Rajasthan)

Constable Tilak Raj (Himachal Pradesh)

Head Constable Vijay Soreng (Jharkhand)

Constable Vasantha Kumar VV (Kerala)

Constable Subramaniam G (Tamil Nadu)

Constable Manoja Kumar Behera (Odisha)

Constable GD Guru H (Karnataka)

Head Constable Narayan Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan)

Constable Mahesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Pradeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

Head Constable Hemraj Meena (Rajasthan)

Head Constable PK Sahoo (Odisha)

Constable Ramesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)

Head Constable Sanjay Rajput (Maharashtra)

Constable Koushal Kumar Rawat (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Pradeep Singh (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Shyam Babu (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Ajit Kumar Azad (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Maninder Singh Attri (Punjab)

Head Constable Bablu Santra (West Bengal)

Constable Ashvni Kumar Kaochi (Madhya Pradesh)

Constable Rathod Nitin Shivaji (Maharashtra)

Constable Bhagirath Singh (Rajasthan)

Constable Virendra Singh (Uttarakhand)

Head Constable Awadhesh Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Ratan Kumar Thakur (Bihar)

Constable Pankaj Kumar Tripathi (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Jeet Ram (Rajasthan)

Constable Amit Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Vijay Kr. Mourya (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Kulwinder Singh (Punjab)

Head Constable Maneswar Bsumatari (Assam)

Assistant Sub Inspector Mohan Lal (Uttarakhand)

Head Constable Sanjay Kumar Sinha (Bihar)

Head Constable Ram Vakeel (Uttar Pradesh)

Constable Sudeep Biswas (West Bengal)

Constable Sivachandran (Tamil Nadu)


In the wake of this horrible tragedy, many people are looking for a way to show their support and solidarity with those affected by the Pulwama attack.

One popular way is using WhatsApp status messages on social media networks. Thanks for rIf you’re not sure what to say or want some inspiration, we have compiled a list of several different phrases that can be used in your own posts.

Remember though, these may not always work depending on the person who sees them so it would be best if they were shared sparingly and only with close friends and family members who will understand why you chose such an emotive message.

What do you think about our suggestions?

Do any stand out as appropriate responses to use when someone has been hurt in such a significant way?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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