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Jain Whatsapp Status Video Download 2021 New Videos

Jain Whatsapp status video download Jai Adinath Jai Giriraj one of the best ryhme when it comes to Jain Bhajan so to hear some interesting content one should download video status from Jain Whatsapp status video download.

Adinath the first Tirthankara of Jain had given a lot of preaching about how to live a happy and prosperous life without disturbing anyone which can be seen when you watch video status from jain whatsapp status.

One can attain spiritual beliefs if he tries to listen to the Pravachan and preaching of the Jain duties from Jain Dharam WhatsApp status.

This site will bring you quality songs and preaching from the Jain religion So to get an amazing experience you should download video status from the Jain whatsapp status video download.

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Best Jain Whatsapp Status Video Download

The main preaching of every Jain Tirthankar was base on ahinsa and Tyag which is better explain in jain whatsapp status video download.

one should keep himself away from the lust and happiness of this world to understand it better one should download a video from Jain status.

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There are many Jain temples in which there are very ancient statues of Jain ideals one can get darshan of all these ideals when he watches a video from Jain Dharam WhatsApp status.

The ideals show us that the Jain dharma is so ancient and can help us to remember the value of Jain Dharam what at that time was by downloading video status from jain whatsapp status video download.

Jain Dharam Whatsapp Status Video Download

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Here we start our journey towards one of the holiest and prime temples of the Jain religion that is Shatrunjay or Palitana which is treated as a sacred place by the Jain community which can be seen when you download a video from Jain Dharam whatsapp status.

The jain community believes that this temple is so holy that the lord Simandar who is now prevailing in Mahavide Shetra mentioned its importance in his pravachan and many more facts can be known when you watch the video status from jain whatsapp status video download.

The first Tirthankar Adinath got all his spiritual power at that time from this place and many other people during that time came here to attain mental peace and spiritual powers which made this place more holy and other information can be available for you from jain status.

By visiting these temple one can attain a lot of mental stability and it is said that all the karmas are converted into good signs and his more importance is given when you download status from jain whatsapp status video download

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Vadal Thi Vato Karto Uncho Gadh Girnar Pawan thai Doli Rahyo Jyare Avya NEMKUMAR” The oldest statue that is present on this earth which is almost 78000 years or more is in Girnar Junagadh and such other information is present in jain dharam WhatsApp status.

Here the 22 tirthankar lord NEMKUMAR attain his spiritual power and left this earth jain whatsapp status video download prays that everyone watching this article gets a chance to visit Girnar once in his lifetime.

It is said that in jain religion that this place will be as holy as Palitana and the next 24 tirthankar will attain their spiritual power over here only one can get some quality knowledge about things leaving the daily schedule for that download video status from jain whatsapp status video download.

Jain status video 2021 will bring more stories to you so please get with this article and comment was this information interesting.

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All of us get to know that lord NEMKUMAR refuses to get married because he came to know that on his marriage a lot of Animals would be killed to serve the people that came to attend his marriage for many other such interesting facts please download video status from Jain whatsapp status video download.

At that time He ensured himself that the main principle of ahinsa is followed and told the in-charge person to set free all the animals so that they can leave their life in a peaceful manner which got spread as the greatest message in that time which you can know more on jain dharam whatsapp status.

By hearing this message his bride Rajul got shocked and decided to do the same thing that NEMKUMAR had did and both of them first got Diksha and then attain spiritual power in their respective time which is very well explained by jain whatsapp status video download.

The definition of real love and sacrifice is given by this story that everyone should follow to avoid the tension between the couple which is great teaching given by them from jain status to the whole world.

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Jain Whatsapp Status Video Download Our Favourite

The second most ancient statue present on this planet is of Lord Parasnath The 23 tirthankar of the jain religion let us know about his story and its importance by downloading video status from jain whatsapp status video download.

In ancient time there was a war going on between Lord Krishna and Jarasang the Father in the law of KANS for that story you need to download video status from jain dharam whatsapp status .

A trick was used by Jarasang and all the soldiers of Krishna got some infection suddenly by which a defeat in the war was finalized of lord Krishna and for more such stories come to jain status you will get quality content.

Now Lord Krishna got disturbed by watching the current situation and to find a solution he got himself in dyan and called his nephew lord NEMKUMAR who from his spiritual power saw that there is a statue of Lord Parasnath present

In the earth so He instructed lord Krishna that you carry on fasting for three continuous days and after that, you will receive a statue from the earth just do his Abhishek and try to pour the water on the army and see that all their problems would be solved

Lord Krishna followed all the instructions properly and there was a miracle Jain Dharam whatsapp status further explains that they ready for the war by just pouring the used water all. the problem of Lord Krishna was solved and after that.

There was a war between the two armies and the Lord Krishna army won the war very comfortably and after that, the statue was established in a temple by Lord Krishna and the temple was name Shankheshwar nd for more such stories please watch the video status on jain whatsapp status video you will get more information from there.Jai JINENDRA JAI MAHAVEER.

Mahavir Jain Whatsapp status video download

The happiness which is present over here is temporary and all the things are related to our body which will remain here only after our death Jain status video download will help you to move on this path in a very different manner.

One should think about his soul and do karmas according to it which is prominently given preference when you watch video status on Jain WhatsApp status.

HD Jain Status Video Download

Our history is so ancient that many attempts were made by various emperor to destroy jain temple and take all the gold ornaments present over there which is specifically shown when you watch video from jain whatsapp status.

But every time they got unsuccessful in destroying the main ideal of the temple which were buried under the earth and are now excavated from different parts of India which are clearly shown when one download video status from jain whatsapp status video download.

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All of these videos are taken from various internet and offline source Jain Dharam and Jain Stories

Conclusion – jain whatsapp status video download I hope you like our content and we hope that you share this beautiful content on jain whatsapp status video with your loved ones and let us now your feedback on this article based on jain whatsapp status video download.

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